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Sponsors & Partners

We are extremly grateful for the financial support from the local organizations listed below.  These businesses are clearly committed to serving our community at large and it is our hope that others will show support to them in whatever way possible.  Thank you Everyone!

2019-2020 Community Supporters

  •  Deep Roots Message, (located in Keene, NH)
  •  Dave’s Automotive Enterprises, (located in Marlborough, NH)
  •  Cheshire Fence, (located in Marlborough, NH)
  •  Cheshire Jewelers, (located in Keene, NH)
  •  Clearwater Pool & Spa of Keene, (located in Swanzey, NH)
  •  D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches, (located in Keene, NH)
  •  Equi-librium with Dorothy Crosby, (located in Stoddard, NH)
  •  Frazier’s Garage, (located in Marlborough, NH)
  •  Hillside Village, (located in Keene, NH)
  •  J & J Discount, (located in Westmoreland, NH)
  •  Marlborough Country Store, (located in Marlborough, NH)
  •  Mascoma Savings Bank, (located in Keene, NH)
  •  Meg Kupiec, (located in Walpole, NH)
  •  Mike Wilbur Contracting, (located in Keene, NH)
  •  Perry Family Dental Care, (located in Keene, NH)
  •  Savings Bank of Walpole, (located in Keene, NH)
  •  Southmowing Stables, (located in Guilford, VT)
  •  Talon RS, LLC, (located in Marlborough, NH)
  •  The Federated Church of Marlborough, (located in Marlborough, NH)
  •  The Toadstool Bookstore, (located in Keene, NH)
  •  Thai Garden Restaurant, (located in Keene, NH)
  •  Walier Chevrolet, (located in Keene, NH)
  •  Ward Legal Group, (located in Keene, NH)

Our two annual concerts are held at the beautiful Colonial Theatre in Keene, in front of audiences of hundreds of Monadnock Region patrons, neighbors and friends.

Ticket sales and membership dues do not cover all of the expenses to put on our concerts. To help offset some of the costs, we offer opportunities for organizations or businesses to partner with us. Remember that each audience member is a neighbor, supporter, friend or family member and your potential customer.

The Greater Keene Pops Choir is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For more information about supporting our current or upcoming season programs, please email keenepops@gmail.co